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Great write up!

For those of us that love Ash Meadows, we did receive some great news when the BLM rescinded the approval for lithium drilling. Thanks to folks from the Amargosa Conservancy, Center for Biological Diversity and others who left comments opposing the drilling.

The Cadiz Dunes Wilderness are probably the most remote dunes in all of California. Access is not for the faint of heart (or for anything other than a super rigged out 4X4), but they are absolutely spectacular in every way. Important biodiversity, important habitat connectivity and protected under the Wilderness Act (and part of the Mojave Trails National Monument). These are some of our most precious BLM-managed public lands. And Cadiz Inc wants to pump billions of gallons of water from underground, which will no doubt threaten the viability of natural springs in the Cadiz area (among other threats from pipeline building). Absolutely worth writing to the BLM about this during the open comments. This link sheds a lot of light on the situation: https://mojaveproject.org/dispatches-item/the-trouble-with-cadiz/

Onward, upward and now slightly tilting,


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Thanks for the update! I just saw that headline come across my feed and that's great news on the delay on lithium drilling! The Cadiz thing ... I don't know how this project is still lumbering along after all these years, but we'll just have to keep up the fight longer than they do.

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Yes! The closures are so frustrating. Don’t forget how for two of the last three summers they denied access to prevent fires, rather than hiring more firefighters and letting us access our public land, with all the tremendous benefits to our lives that it brings. This year I guess they won’t need to close it since the road is closed anyway.

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